Psoma Mantalina (1967)

Born in Athens in 1967, she graduated from the German School of Athens in 1985 and embarked on painting studies in Berlin (Hochschule der Künste) which she completed in 1992 with a postgraduate degree. The same year she had her first solo exhibition at the Galerie Zielke in Berlin, She stayed on in Germany till 2000, and then returned to Greece.
In 2002 the art critic and curator Paolo Colombo included her in the album Vitamin P-New Perspectives in Painting (Pheadon Press, New York), among 114 of the most important young painters internationally.
Narrative elements prevail in her painting, with the human figure in a leading role. Her subjects come from her immediate surroundings as well as from magazine pictures, advertising and films. In most cases she uses material from family albums and photos that she processes herself, slightly changing the features of the figures and their relation to space while fully preserving the convincing character and the accuracy of a depiction that often recalls classic paintings; indeed, most of her works use oil on canvas. Space acts like a stage set, creating a suitable atmosphere for the narrative. The figures are depicted in indoor or outdoor settings that appear familiar and ordinary at first sight. Their expression, however, conveys to the viewer a feeling of inner tension and uncertainty that points to an enigmatic reality close to that of the world of dreams and imagination.
She has presented her work in solo exhibitions in Greece and abroad as well as in numerous group shows in and out of Greece—indicatively: Griechische Kreise: Eine Ausstellung griechischer Kuenstler (Berlin, 1990); Mind the Gap (Berlin, 1999); In the present time, Young Greek Artists (National Museum of Contemporary Art, 2008); Paint-id-Contemporary painting in Greece (Alex Mylonas Museum & Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki 2009); Staging the Domestic (London, 2014). She has participated also in art fairs in Athens, London and Brussels. Her works can be found in many private and public collections in Greece and abroad.