Kipreos Vassilis (1936)

He was born in 1936 in Athens. He studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts, with Y. Moralis (1958-1962). Initially his work moved towards abstract trends with few surrealistic elements, balancing between gestural freedom and composition control. After his first solo exhibition (Athens Art Gallery – Hilton hotel, 1964), he continued to experiment in the same spirit, by using various collage techniques. During the dictatorship (1967-74), the representational elements of his painting were reinforced by pictorial hints of symbolic meaning, as a form of indirect criticism on the political situation. Since then, his art has been focused on developing a personal style, which assumes different forms from time to time, sometimes neo-representational and sometimes nearly geometrical. Colour always plays an important part, even when it barely exists.
The diversity characterizing his work and the discernible evolutionary phases of his artistic journey are parts of a seamless and consistent pursuit of artistic harmony, either through colour and design or through the image itself. The emphasis on aesthetic perfection sometimes coexists with intense emotiveness, something that becomes even more apparent after the ‘80s. The artist often assimilates visual and thematic stimuli from the ancient-greek, minoan or renaissance art, enriching his individual expression with references to the cultural history. His travels and his stay in metropolitan cities abroad also contributed in shaping his artistic identity (New York, London, Paris, etc).
He worked as an assistant professor in the School of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens (1966-68 and 1974-79). He also taught painting and history of ancient greek art, under the programme, Study in Greece for American students.
For more than two decades he divides his time between Athens and Patmos island. His relationship with Patmos is evident in his mature painting work.
He was awarded the 1st prize in the international exhibition Jeunes Peintres du Monde (Paris, 1961) and the 1st prize in the Nationwide Exhibition for Young Artists (Panelladiki) (1961 & 1962).
His works have been presented in over 18 solo exhibitions and in many group ones in Greece and abroad, including two Biennials (Paris, 1965 and Alexandria, 1966). In 2005, his retrospective exhibition was organized at the National Arts Club (New York, U.S.A.), with works of the past 15 years.