Spiliopoulos Marios (1957)

He was born in Polygyros, Chalkidiki in 1957. Initially, he studied at the School of Engineering and Technology (Centers for Higher Technical/Professional Education - K.A.T.E.E.: 1975-79) in Thessaloniki. He attended courses in Vienna, under the architect and painter Friedensreich Hundertwasser for four months (1980). He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts, at the studio of D. Kokkinidis (1983-88). His first solo exhibition Artistic Intervention in the Environment presented at his birthplace in 1987 (Kouyioni Estate, Chalkidiki), gave away the artistic position of his later work, which includes environments, constructions and spatial interventions, often of a ritualistic nature and allusions to identity characteristics of Greece and Greeks.
He usually prefers to use natural and unrefined materials in his constructions (soil, water, wood, wax) which are connected to primordial memories and allude to mythical or religious symbols. The ritualistic atmosphere, distinctive in his installations, becomes even more particular by the use of light, which often springs from lit candles or vigil lamps. The fascinating mysteries of nature, tradition, locality and the emotionally experienced history are central themes in his art, a fact that becomes evident by his thematic titles: Alters, Maps, Earthly Vigil Oil Lamp, The Mystery of Bees, Memory Fort, Flags, The 700 names of God, Human Trace, et al.
He teaches at ASFA since 1991, and since 2005 he is Head of the 5th Painting Studio.
He has presented his work in several solo shows in Greece and abroad (London, Copenhagen, et al). He has also participated in many group shows and international art events in Greece and abroad. He represented our country three times in events hosted by the Cultural Capital of Europe institution: Glasgow (1990), Madrid (1992) and Copenhagen (1996). He won first prize (Grand Prix d’ Alexandrie) at the 18th Alexandria Biennale in 1994.