Zacharioudakis Manolis (1958)

He was born in 1958 in Athens. He studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts, in N. Kessanlis’ studio (1979-1984), while he had previously attended preparatory courses with Tassos Rigas (1975-1979).
Since his first solo exhibition in Athens (Tantra gallery, 1984), his painting demonstrated a tendency to transform everyday images in a way reminiscent of the late forms of pop-art. Soon enough, his artistic mediums expanded as he started to integrate computer graphics and multimedia applications in his work. To date, his work features an impressive and often surprising variety of materials and construction methods, from simple structures with handmade paper or the assemblage of wasted objects, to the most advanced applications of digital technology.
His subjects are also quite varied. He is inspired by daily personal experiences, but also by myths of diverse origin, with references to cultural history or art history. His distinctive narrative is usually accompanied by humorous hints, attributing a playful and sometimes subversive dimension in his works.
He has illustrated books, newspapers and other publications. He has created comics, and has designed music album covers, while he has also been involved in store and web design.
He has published two books (Prehistoric Restaurant by Kedros publications, 2001, and Painting, instructions for use by Metaixmio publications, 2011).
In 2003, he attended the Hellenic Studies programme at Princeton University, U.S.A., as a visiting artist.
Over 20 solo exhibitions by M. Zacharioudakis have been held in several cities in Greece, and he has often collaborated with friends artists in group shows held in Greece and abroad.