Ventouras Nikolaos (Nikos) (1899 - 1990)

He was born in Corfu in 1899. He studied chemistry and then took watercolour lessons under Angelos Giallinas. Soon his interest turned to printmaking. It is possible that he became a student of the German lithographer Julius Steinheil awhile, but his printmaking explorations were mainly a personal pursuit that was not associated with studies in the traditional sense.
He presented his works for the first time in Athens at the 1948 Panhellenic Exhibition, while his first solo show was organized in 1963 at the Athens Technological Institute.
Even though he worked with all printmaking types, etching covers by far the largest part of his oeuvre. He employs different variations of this technique and applies colour generously. His themes are partially influenced by the traditional Ionian landscape art, while his portraits are equally of interest. He approaches his subjects with genuine pathos and depicts them quite freely. In fact, he is inspired by European artistic movements, introducing cubist or expressionist elements in his art. He draws rapid, vibrant lines, which often function as independent gestures, emphasizing the abstract quality of the composition, mainly in his mature work.
That exact abstract character of his work and his dissociation from conventional patterns of representation, connect his printmaking oeuvre to the modernist trends of Greek art. His works reveal a particularly modernist attitude for his time, as the structural elements of his artistic compositions are detached by the initial visual stimulus, and at the same time they incorporate the personal language of the artist.
He presented his work in solo, group and international exhibitions in Greece and abroad. He participated in the following art fairs among others: Sao Paulo Biennale (1955, 1957), Alexandria Biennale (1957), Venice Biennale (1964), et al. A retrospective exhibition of his oeuvre was presented in 1991, one year after his death, at Iakinthos Art Gallery in Athens.