Nikolakopoulos George (1939)

Born in Evrytania in 1939, he took his first drawing lessons by V. Vlachopoulos and P. Sarafianos, then studied painting at the ASFA under Y. Moralis and Y. Mavroidis (1959-1964), and continued on a Greek state scholarship with fresco and portable icon painting at the ASFA under K. Georgakopoulos and K. Xynopoulos (1968-1970).
His first solo exhibition was presented in 1971 at the Astor Gallery in Athens. His starting point and main expressive medium is colour, which he employs as both formal and compositional element. In many works the canvas is divided into sections which complement one another to create a whole. His idiom is quite abstract yet still within the realm of representation, sometimes with constructivist elements and sometimes with a lyrical mood that invests his forms with an expressionist tone. In the ’80s and ΄90s his art acquires a more surrealistic slant as the images reflect the absurd contradictions of contemporary living. Personal experiences and memories surface through enigmatic yet recognisable forms, in a poetic atmosphere with some melancholic traces. The human figure appears schematic and often incomplete, as if seeking to find its place in space. The most interesting traits in his work are the expressive tensions and a slightly ironic mood which attests to his critical approach to the events of life.
Icon painting has a key place in his work. He has engaged systematically in church painting for many churches in Greece, and has also illustrated books. He has presented his work in solo exhibitions in Greece and has participated in several group shows. His works are included in museums, galleries and private collections.