Zoumboulakis Petros (1937)

Born in Athens in 1937, he studied painting under Yannis Moralis at the Athens School of Fine Arts on a state scholarship (1956-1961). After graduating he continued with studies in Stage Design, Decorative Arts and Advertising under Vassilis Vassiliadis at the ASFA (1962-1964). Then he obtained a Greek state scholarship to study Byzantine and Folk Art in Greece (1964-1965).
He presented his first solo exhibition of painting at the Astor Gallery (1970). In the early period of his work he combines elements from photorealism and surrealism, with an evident atmosphere of social critique. Interiors and exteriors, formalisation and realistic rendering are in dialogue. The surreal element does not come from automatism or spontaneity but through a rigorously structured composition.
Later he turns to painting the natural landscape. Nature, mainly that of Greece, is juxtaposed to fragments of the past or to references to contemporary life and the remnants of consumerism. Among his frequent subjects are the sea, peninsulas, drywall fences, prairies, mountains and forests seen from high up in the air.
A typical example of the continuity in his work is “Endless Landscape”, a series in which he extends his creative space. He paints on many canvases of different sizes which complement one another, tricking the viewer’s gaze into the impression of an endless journey with an uncertain course.
In addition to painting he illustrated books and other publications and created stage sets and costumes for theatre and the cinema. He worked also at the Athens Technological Education Institute (TEI), the ATO-Doxiadis School of Decorators, and taught stage design at the Vakalo School. In 2011 he was awarded by the Academy of Athens for his entire oeuvre.
He has presented his work in many solo exhibitions in Greece and participated in group shows in Greece and abroad. Indicative examples include several Panhellenic Exhibitions, the Biennale of Sao Paulo (1969), the Cagnes-sur-Mer International Painting Festival (1971) and the Triennale of Realistic Painting of Bulgaria (1988).
His works can be found in the National Gallery, in several Municipal Galleries, in the collections of the Ministries of Education and Culture, in the Pieridis and Vorres Museums, in bank collections (Alpha Bank, National Bank, etc.) and in other private and public collections.