Dimitreas Vangelis (1934 - 2019)

He was born in 1934 in Melissi (Korinthia). He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts under Yiannis Moralis (1958-1963) on a greek state scholarship (I.K.Y.). During the period of dictatorship he worked in Paris (1967-1975), where, along with painting, he attended the sociology of art programme at the Sorbonne and participated in the events of May '68 in Paris, artistically and politically.
His first solo exhibition was held in Athens (Center for Technological Applications - K.T.E. show room, 1969). Several solo and group exhibitions followed in Greece, France and other European countries.
From his first works it became apparent that he was interested in the expressive potential of a disciplined style, with easily identifiable forms, but without naturalistic comforts. He processed his artistic idiom insisting on strictly structured compositions and accuracy of drawing. At first, he avoided colour and preferred the pure black and white style, which matches the critical content of his works. He later turned to three-dimensional constructions with various materials. In his most recent paintings he deals with issues related to historical memory and the personalities that affected the recent past. Throughout his work, the artistic elements function through dynamic conflicts which contribute to the expression of meanings.
His presence is not limited to exhibitions. His theoretical training allowed him to participate in conferences with artistic or philosophical subject, give lectures and publish articles and studies in various print media. His interest in the social function of art was also expressed early, with his participation in the Art Group ‘A’ and, later, at the Center for Visual Arts (K.E.T.) and the Group for Communication and Education in Art. He was a founding member of the art group ‘4+’ as well.
Initially he taught at the Center for Technological Applications (K.T.E.) (1965 -1967). After he returned from Paris, he taught design at Vakalo School of Design and at ASFA (1981-1985). In 1984 he was elected professor at the School of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Since 2002 he is professor emeritus.
He has so far presented two retrospective exhibitions (House of Cyprus, 1993 and Municipal Gallery of Kalamata, 2006-2007).