Michalitsianos Nikos (1958)

Born in Piraeus in 1958, from 1987 to 1992 he studied painting at the ASFA on a Greek state scholarship under Nikos Kessanlis and Vasso Kyriaki.
In his first solo exhibition (1993, Zoumboulaki Gallery) he borrows images and symbols from nature which are rendered in his paintings as ritualistic symbols open to numerous approaches and interpretations. The earthy tones he mostly employs accentuate the metaphysical aspect of his images. In the early years (1988-1997) the human figure is absent from his works: it begins to appear in his compositions in 1998, initially distorted but gradually growing to dominate and conquer the work. His painterly space goes on to develop a higher dynamic; no longer a backdrop to the human figure, it comes symbolically to the forefront, abolishing conventional scales, dimensions and distances and establishing a dialogue between the real and the imaginary. His experiments are mainly in painting, but he does engage in other forms of expression as well—video, constructions, installations. In his latest exhibition, Painting & Small Constructions (Piraeus Municipal Gallery, 2013), the constructions were divided into two series: the first, "The books of memory", explored the relationship of memory and knowledge through the everyday character of a book, and the second was about habitation as both symbol and concept. Starting from the primeval sketch of a basic structure of habitation, he employs such diverse materials as wood, iron, thread and pottery to propose new visual approaches to the theme.
He has presented his work in solo exhibitions in Greek and foreign cities (New York, Amsterdam, London) and has taken part in dozens of group exhibitions. His works can be found in the National Gallery, the Municipal Gallery of Athens, the Vorres Museum and in private collections in Greece and abroad.