Gounaridis Daniel (1934)

He was born in 1934 in Thessaloniki. He studied painting with Y. Moralis and printmaking with Y. Kefallinos at the Athens School of Fine Arts on a state scholarship (1953-1958). He continued his studies in Paris, also on a state scholarship (painting and graphic arts, Ecole des Beaux Arts, Ecole des Arts Decoratifs and Ecole Estienne, 1960-1964).
His first solo exhibition (Zygos gallery, 1964) included lithographs and gouaches that highlighted the function of light and were in accordance with the era’s movement of abstraction. Soon his work was focused on the organization of plastic space, with simultaneous existence of abstract and figurative elements.
From the ‘70s, like other Greek artists, he turned to a more clearly perceivable painting style, through which he expressed his social concerns, commenting on alterations of the contemporary urban landscape and the oppression of citizens (The City,, 1973). Often, this commentary resulted from the juxtaposition of images that work in counterpoint to symbolize the conflicting views of reality. The drawing sharpness that distinguishes his art is emphasized by the use of pencils for the depiction of forms. This allows images to serve as visual art events, conveying at the same time, complex meanings (Imaginary Landscapes and Still Lifes, 1986).
He has presented his work in solo exhibitions which usually have thematic units. He also participated in many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad, as well as in international art fairs. In 1970 he won the 2nd Prize at the Biennale of Alexandria.
He has been teaching at the Vakalo School (today Vakalo College of Art and Design) since 1966, in which he has been Director of Studies since 1977 and Chairman of the Board to date. In 2011 he received an honorary Doctorate in Fine Art from the University of Derby, U.K.