Foutris Dimitris (1972)

Born in Athens in 1972, he studied painting at the School of Fine Arts of the University of Thessaloniki (1991-1996). In 1997 he went to London for postgraduate studies, obtaining a PhD from the University of East London on a Greek state scholarship (1998-2002).
His professional engagement in religious icon painting since 2000 has influenced his view of contemporary art, bringing structural elements and symbolisms of religious origin into his work. He creates mostly environments in which installations, photography and video are the main elements, combined with materials like wood, glass and paper and techniques of sculpture and painting. The relationship with space plays a key role in his works, with the layout of the structures determining the condition of viewing and the context for 'reading' them. The experiential origin of the subjects is discernible in most cases, being commented upon as a memory or a recalled sensation. The figures point to a kind of dialogue between materiality and the intangible, between the object and language. The concepts that emerge, such as those of the sacred, identity, pain, authority or death bespeak a social and philosophical contemplation which encompasses the notion of hope.
He has presented his work in solo exhibitions in Athens and Nicosia and has participated in dozens of group shows in Greece and abroad: New Contemporaries 2003 (London & Manchester, 2003), Last Chickens of Sainsbury (WASPS, Glasgow International, Glasgow 2005), Artissima 13 Art Fair (Turin, 2006 & 2007), Soundgate (Kunsten Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg 2010), ΟΜΟΝΟΙΑ, 4th Biennale of Athens (Baggion Hotel, Athens 2015) Feux Follets (Le BBB Centre d’Art, Toulouse 2016), etc. Από το 2010 A member of the Under Construction Group since 2010, he was also a founding member of the editorial team of the e-magazine, one of the artistic directors of, the internet radio station of the 1st Biennale of Athens and also candidate for the 4th DESTE Price.