Antonopoulos Angelos (1957)

He was born in Tropea (Arkadia, Peloponnese) in 1957. He studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts under D. Mytaras, D. Kokkinidis, V. Dimitreas, and stage design with V. Vassiliadis.
He presented his first solo painting exhibition in Athens (F gallery, 1986) and in 1990 he created a large-sized decor for the movie theatre Ideal in Athens. Later, he decorated accordingly the movie theatre Cineak in Piraeus.
During his next work phase, he turned to sculptural installations and constructions. He maintained, nevertheless, some features of his early painting, mainly his chromatic austerity and the frequent contrasts of black-white. The combination of a limited colour palette with drawing precision emphasizes the conceptual dimension of his subjects, reflecting a tendency towards anthropological research, where comments on human nature coexist with autobiographical references. A distinctive aspect of his themes is centered on the human body, and especially on a symbolic approach of the lower limbs, expressed through changes on their form.
His sculptures, whether small or large, are usually made of metal mesh and modeling fabric. However, he also uses various expressive media (painting, photography, objects, etc.) into wall-mounted or three-dimensional compositions, focusing on their relationship with space. The artistic processing of his works highlights the sense of completeness conveyed by his forms, without stressing their static nature.
He has taught painting at the Chalkida Art Workshop (1987-98) and since 1989, he teaches at the Painting Studio A of the Athens School of Fine Arts (associate professor since 2009).
He has presented solo exhibitions in Greece and Cyprus and has participated in group exhibitions in Greece and abroad (Italy, Spain, Croatia, Germany, United Arab Emirates).