Ziakas Giorgos (1940)

Born in Sykourio, Larissa in 1940, he studied painting at the ASFA under Yannis Moralis and stage design under Vassilis Vassiliadis, graduating in 1968. He was employed as Assistant of the chair of Painting at the NTUA’s School of Architecture (1972-1979). In 1985 he was elected professor at the ASFA, where he taught stage design for 21 years, becoming professor emeritus in 2006.
He began to design sets and costumes for the theatre in 1969, collaborating with all state theatres, the Theatre Organisation of Cyprus, with private companies and with most of the Regional public Theatres. He was a founding member and art director (1999-2003) of the Theatre of Thessaly.
He also designed sets and costumes for the cinema, working closely with Theo Angelopoulos on many films—he was awarded for his costumes for Alexander the Great in 1980—as well as with Dimitris Mavrikios, Yannis Smaragdis and others.
He has received many awards and distinctions throughout his career, winning the Parthenis Award at the National Youth Competition at the Astor Gallery in 1969, and the “Panos Aravantinos” Award for his overall contribution to the Greek theatre in 2006.
He has presented paintings, stage set models and costumes in eleven solo exhibitions. As a founding member of the Centre for the Visual Arts he participated in all its group exhibitions as well as in those of the 4+ group.