Karakatsanis Vassilis (1957)

Born in Athens in 1957, he studied at the ASFA — painting under D. Mytaras and G. Mavroidis (1976-1981), stage design and book art under V. Vassiliadis and G. Papadakis (1979-1982). From 1982 to 1984 he studied painting and art theory at the Facultad de Bellas Artes – San Jorge – Universidad de Barcelona on a Spanish state scholarship. Obtaining a grant from the European Council, he went on to study Architectural Monument Conservation at the Centro Europeo di Venezia per iI Mestieri della Conservazione nel Patrimonio Architettonico.
His early works feature still-lifes, interior scenes with nudes, landscapes, etc., with evident influences from Fauvism and Cubism. As his visual idiom evolves through the use of mixed media, he gradually incorporates three-dimensional objects into his paintings.
After 1985 he works mainly in thematic series (Bags 1986, Clothes 1989, Carpets 1991, etc.), with works which include actual dressing items (fabrics, clothing, etc.). These works reflect his collaboration with fashion designers, as one can discern his intimate, experiential relationship with the materials as well as his need to include these collaborations into his art. His compositions are organised through a theatrical approach whereby everyday objects are elevated into structural elements of the work. The scenographic attitude towards painting, which involves a close observation and recording of the urban cultural model of contemporary societies, has led him to new expressive needs, often beyond the confines of the canvas (Party 1996, Urban Materials 2005, Urban Behaviours 2008, Alcohol 2010, etc.).
He has presented his work in dozens of solo exhibitions in Greece and abroad (Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Turkey, Ecuador, Indonesia), and has participated in domestic and international group shows, earning awards and distinctions, as well as in Art Fairs. His works are included in public and private collections, museums and galleries in Greece and abroad.