Dinga Cleopatra (1946)

She was born in 1945 in Athens. She studied painting and stage design at the Athens School of Fine Arts on scholarship, under Y. Moralis, N. Nikolaou and V. Vassiliadis. She continued her studies in Paris (1970-1974) at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts and the École Nationale Supérieure Des Arts Decoratifs (Athens Academy grant). While in Paris, she worked for Hubert Monloup as assistant stage designer in many theatrical performances. Upon her return to Greece, she presented her first solo exhibition at the Centre for Visual Arts (K.E.T.-Athens, 1975).
At first, her painting reflected pop art influences, gradually shifting to a kind of critical realism with several autobiographical elements. Later on, with the Self-portraits and Human Condition series, her themes take on a strongly humanistic and existential vein, always maintaining their critical mood. The same applies for her more recent works, through which she attempts to comment the impact of modern life on current reality.
She has worked as a stage designer for state and regional theatres, and in film and television productions. She also worked as a radio show host in the national radio company (Manos Hadjidakis 3rd Programme).
Since the beginning of her career to date, she has actively participated in many collective or institutional schemes. She was a founding member of several artistic groups, i.e. the Centre for Visual Arts (K.E.T.), New Greek Realists and the Group for Communication and Education in Art. She pioneered in the development of the Art Studios Network for the Ministry of Culture (1997-1999), while she organized and directed the Municipal Art Studios of Kalamata (1985-1992) and Patras (2000-2012), carrying out important educational work.
She has published two books of literature (1992 and 2013).
She presented seven solo shows and participated in many group exhibitions. The Cultural Foundation of the National Bank of Greece (MIET) organizes her retrospective exhibition in 2014 in Athens.