Angelidou Dafni (1962)

Born in Athens in 1962, she studies painting at the ASFA (1980-1986) under Yannis Moralis and Dimitris Mytaras and mosaic under Yannis Kolefas. Since 1987 she studies mosaic at the ASFA, as Lecturer (1999), Assistant Professor (2005) and Deputy Professor (2013) of the Mosaic Dept.
In her early paintings (1986-1990) she focuses on depicting nocturnal urban landscapes dominated by the geometric quality of the buildings which she places at the front, while the rendering of the subtle change of tones between half-light and darkness produces a dreamlike feeling between the indefinite and the specific. The nocturnal scenes continue to prevail in her work in the 1990s, with the exception of the “Midday Landscapes 1989-1991” and “Chorographies 1998-2000” (Gallery 7, 2000), which show countryside landscapes with buildings or with harvested fields and threshing grounds. Her works of the 2000s reflect scenes of urban imagery with the focus on the human figure in relation to the urban environment and the silent movement of the crowds. Over the years the human figure becomes three-dimensional—a presence rather than an indication of abstraction. The umbrella, a trademark of her work, initially covered the entire face of the solitary person, whereas in more recent works it leaves it open, concealing less and revealing and protecting more.
In her mosaics she employs natural marble tiles and pebbles and shingles of enamel. The subject areas are the same as those of her paintings, but they are not copies of them. In 2013, in the retrospective exhibition “Mosaics of today”, the National Archaeological Museum presented the greatest part of her mosaics.
She has presented her work in 12 solo exhibitions (Angathi, Ora, Art Space 24, Gallery 7, etc.) and has participated in over 150 group and thematic exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Her works can be found in public and private collections, museums and galleries in Greece and abroad.