Georgiadis Giorgos (1934)

He was born in 1934 in Maroussi (Athens). He studied sculpture at the Fine Arts School of Athens, near G. Pappas and M. Tombros (1954-1959). In 1959 he goes to Florence, Italy on a scholarship by Eugenides Foundation and he is taught the art of metal near Bruno Bearzi.
His sculptural style is mainly expressionist and his themes are anthropocentric with symbolist hints. Seated female forms are his dominant theme, often headless, alone or in groups, and in positions indicating physical and mental tension. His technique is complete and rather traditional, with subtle deformations which stress expression. Most of his works are cast in bronze. A humanitarian vein and a critical commentary of social problems characterize his entire work, aesthetically and thematically.
His first solo exhibition was in 1974 in Athens (Nees Morfes gallery). More solo exhibitions would soon follow in Athens, Thessaloniki and other European cities. In 1994, an honorary retrospective exhibition was organized at the Cultural Center of Maroussi.
He has participated in many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad (France, Italy, Egypt, Netherlands, Monaco, Norway, Tai Pei, U.S.A.). In 1984, he represented Greece at the 41st Venice Biennale, along with painter Christos Karas. Part of his work has been created in collaboration with architects for building decoration. His sculptures can also be found in Greek public places.
He has been honored with many awards: 1st sculpture prize at the Nationwide Exhibition (Panelladiki) for Young Artists (1961), a grant from Ford Foundation (1975), 1st sculpture prize at the exhibition Les Arts en Europe (Brussels, 1976), 2nd sculpture prize at the Biennale of Alexandria in the same year, Italian journalists award (Todi, Italy, 1985), gold medal of the Italian Academy of Arts and Sciences of Liguria (1993), etc.
He taught drawing for twenty years at the Athens Technological Institute (1960-1980) and was a member of the Classification and Evaluation Committee of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts.