Meimaroglou Despina (1944)

She was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1944. She studied painting, printmaking and graphic arts at the Kent Institute of Art & Design, U.K. (1961-1965). In 1966 she settled in Athens and worked for several years in advertising as a graphic designer and an art director. She presented her first solo exhibition in 1981 (Kreonidis gallery, Athens).
Her work includes spatial installations, photography, video, printmaking works and digital prints. Since the early ‘90s, she has been creating artists' books in limited editions, which she often uses as her own exhibition catalogues. The main feature of her work is the reinterpretation of social or political situations, already documented by the mass media. She intervenes both artistically and conceptually on the stereotypical representations of events, revealing their less obvious aspects, with a critical eye that attempts to get to the bottom of the depicted reality.
She often participates in art workshops and other educational activities, after invitations from universities of Britain, the U.S.A, etc.
She has presented her work in more than 30 solo exhibitions in Greece and abroad, and has participated in major international group shows in Greece, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, the U.S.A. (New York, Washington, Chicago), Canada, et al.