Calligas Lizzie (1943)

She was born in 1943 in Athens. She studied painting and printmaking at the Athens School of Fine Arts, with D. Kokkinidis and K. Grammatopoulos (1975-80). She presented her first exhibition, Monotypes, as a printmaker (To Trito Mati gallery, 1983), but she soon turned to photography, which, after 1985, became one of her primary means of expression. In 2000 she attended the New York Studio School for a year.
Her first thematic units (Metamorphoses, Stigma) were mainly photographic compositions, revealing the naked female body, beyond its conventional image. Her search for the truth of things beyond their common portrayal is one of the main features of her work in total.
During the ‘90s, a significant shift in her work modifies her relationship with time. After detailed studies, historical or archaeological stimuli revive the past with the participation of the artist in filmed actions. The leading work of this category, the Sacred Way (Iera Odos), was presented in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1997 (Diaspro Art Centre) and in Elefsina and Athens in 1998 (Aeschylia festival and House of Cyprus).
The historical and archaeological references, the lengthy editing and her experiential relationship with her works define her artistic identity. The purely visual quality of her art remains noticeable, regardless of the topic or the medium she uses, as her recent thematic unit, Metoikisis, indicates (based on the transportation of ancient sculptures to the new museum of Acropolis).
Alongside her career as an artist, she taught photography at the AKTO Art and Design College in Athens (1992-1996), she was involved in the art photography committee of the Ministry of Culture (1994-1995) and was a correspondent of the ‘European Photography’ magazine.
She has presented her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. In 2005 she represented Greece at the 23rd Biennale of Alexandria and won the festival’s top award, the Golden Pharos of Alexandria, for her photographic work, Swimmers. Albums containing sections of her work have been published by Cube Art Editions and Agra Editions.