Vourloumis Andreas (1910 - 1999)

Andreas Vourloumis was an Athenian painter. His mostly figurative works include landscapes, street scenes, portraits, interiors and still life. His medium was oil, watercolour, gouache and pastel. Vourloumis studied chemistry (1928-1932) winning distinction and scholarship for a promising career in science but an inner leaning for art won him over leading to a period of peripatetic art studies in France (1933-1934). Vourloumis is essentially self taught. A subtle colourist, he singularly captures the Attic light, though mostly worked in 'underlit' workshops. His art, in its simplicity and integrity, takes as a starting point the personal pathos of every day life, without popularising it and without trying to dictate it either. His unassuming work, in its effortlessness, gentleness and modesty distinguished him among the Greek painters of his generation.