Hadjipateras Mark (1953)

He was born in London in 1953. He studied Fine Arts in England (1971-1980) at the Hammersmith School of Art, the Saint Martins School of Art and the Liverpool Polytechnic School. In 1982 he went to New York, where he lived until 2003, when he settled in Greece. His first solo exhibition was held in 1984 in New York City (Andre Zarre gallery), and two years later (1986) he presented his work in Athens (Drakos Centre of Contemporary Art).
He started his career with works of figurative painting, but his long stay in New York influenced his development decisively. He approached a wide variety of styles, materials and media over time, which he uses with great creative liberty and an attitude of intercultural communication. Thus, his prolific oeuvre includes painting and sculpture with various materials, digital prints, photography, monotypes, wall-mounted or three-dimensional constructions, often with readymade objects in assemblage, as well as several types of installations. During his different artistic periods, he has adopted features from abstract art, surrealism and dada, which, in an imaginative process of visual and conceptual transformations, become part of his personal idiom.
He has created artworks and has designed posters for many organizations in Greece and abroad (Gucci Inc.-New York, Philip Morris-Greece, et al.). In 1999 he designed a poster for the Thessaloniki International Film Festival (New Horizons). In 2002 he won the public outdoor sculpture prize of the City of Athens Cultural Organization, and the same year he designed a poster for the Athens Olympic Games. Between 2000 and 2001 he was a visiting professor at the Printmaking Department of the Pyramid Atlantic Art Centre, Maryland and the Ceramics Department of Hunter College, New York. He has created many monumental works for public spaces in the U.S. and Greece. In 2003 he was awarded by the Municipal Arts Society (MASNYC) for a large mosaics installation at the Broadway line of the New York Metro.
He has presented his work in over thirty solo exhibitions, mainly in New York, but also in Athens, Thessaloniki, Tokyo, etc., and has participated in many group exhibitions in the United States, European cities, Japan, and Greece (Art Athina 2004, 2005, 2007, etc.).
In 2008 his retrospective exhibition was organized at the Athens Municipal Gallery with about 200 works of painting, sculpture, assemblage and installations. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and many public and private collections in Europe and America owe works of his to date.