Loizidis Niki ()

She was born in Athens from Cypriot parents. At first she studied economics and political sciences at the University of Athens. In 1973 she went to Paris where she lived for several years, studying History and Sociology of Art. Her doctoral thesis, which she presented at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes in 1981, was on surrealism.
She has taught Art History at the University of Ioannina (Faculty of Philosophy: 1982-1985). Since 1985, she taught at the School of Fine Arts of the University of Thessaloniki, and then at the Athens School of Fine Arts, where she is currently Professor Emeritus. Since 1992 she participates in the History of Art postgraduate programme of the University of Crete (Faculty of Philosophy).
She is an associate of CEAS Sorbonne (Centre d'Etudes et d'Action Sociale), a member of the Greek and the International Comparative Literature Association, a member of the Society for the Advancement of Social Studies of the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, and a member of AICA Hellas. From 2012 she is an art history visiting professor at the Technological University of Cyprus, and coordinator of the International Advisory Committee for the establishment of the School of Fine Arts.
Her articles have been published in newspapers and magazines and her essays have been included in many exhibition catalogues and monographs. She has written books on early 20th century art, among which are: Surrealism in Modern Greek Art (1984), Giorgio de Chirico and the Surrealist Revolution (1987), The Apogee and Crisis of Avant-Garde Ideology (1992) etc., as well as the novel Therapy Diary (1997). She has been editor of many art publications, as well as curator of solo and group art exhibitions, particularly with reference to Cyprus.