Skoufa Gallery

It was originally established by Eleni Calliga as Skoufa Art Hall in 1981. Its main objective since its establishment was the promotion of both contemporary means of artistic expression by Greek artists in the atmosphere of the era, and Hellenic artistic tradition. To date it exhibits works of emerging Greek artists, sculptors and printmakers, along with well-known ones, such as: Bost, Yannoulis Chalepas, Nikos Engonopoulos, Alekos Fasianos, Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas, Lazaros Lameras, Memos Makris, Michalis Makroulakis, Theodoros Papayannis, Gerasimos Sklavos, Panayiotis Tetsis, Yiannis Tsarouchis, Spyros Vassiliou, Opy Zouni and many more.
During the ‘90s, Skoufa collaborated with Artcurial in Paris and presented for the first time in Greece exhibitions with silkscreens, sculptures and objects of international artists, such as, Berrocal, Delaunay, Lalanne, Andy Warhol and others. Furthermore, in collaboration with famous Greek painters, it created silkscreen series printed on trays and introduced for the first time Plexiglass silkscreens, with works by Tsarouchis and Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas.
In 2008, it was renamed Skoufa Gallery, signaling the search of a multidimensional spatial action, with emphasis on the multicultural dimension of contemporary Greek art, and on the art of Greek industrial design and photography, developing in both Greece and abroad. With regular artist and designer exhibitions, the gallery continues to focus on the dynamic association of Greek tradition and contemporary artistic trends, transcending its closed geographical borders.