Epoches Art Gallery

The “Epoches” Art Gallery was established in 1982 by Angeliki Chrysikou-Nestora on the ground level of the “See & Shop” mall in Kifissia. Placing emphasis on painting and sculpture, the gallery aimed at promoting decentralisation and providing a cultural hub in the northern suburbs of Athens.
The gallery systematically organised solo and group exhibitions as well as various other events, mainly lectures by art historians and critics, that complemented the exhibition programme. As part of its sculpture-related activities there were solo exhibitions by Dimitris Armakolas, Christos Riganas and others. One regular annual event was “Microsculpture”, an exhibition of original works and copies in limited runs. Artists from the area of jewellery, such as Nikos Michalopoulos, were also presented and promoted by the gallery. Religious icon painting, as a special artistic activity, was represented by Costas Georgopoulos, while printmaking exhibitions and events included “Printmaking & Book” (1983) and “Printmaking: the perspectives of an aesthetic value” (February 1992), among others. Events were also organised outside the gallery, such as sculpture exhibitions in the Cultural Centre of Nea Erythrea-“Villa Konsta” and in the garden of Angeliki Chrysikou-Nestora’s house, while some events were organised in collaboration with other institutions such as the Italian Consulate of Rhodes.
“Epoches” was a member of the Hellenic Art Galleries’ Association, the organisers of “Art Athina” in which it participated annually with solo and group exhibitions for painters and sculptors such as Apergis, Armakolas, Georgiadis, Dikefalos, Kalafatis, Kapeliaris, Karamizaris, Katzourakis, Korovessis, Kyritsis, Papayannis, Papaspyrou, Patsoglou, Rokos, Santamouris, et al.
The gallery ceased to operate in 2005.