House of Cyprus

The House of Cyprus was founded in July 1986 by the Ministerial Cabinet of the Republic of Cyprus and was inaugurated in June 1987 at the neoclassical mansion of 10 Iraklitou St at Kolonaki. In early 2012 it was moved to a specially designed section of the new building of the Cypriot Embassy at no. 2a Xenophontos St.
Pursuing a broad spectrum of initiatives, synergies and actions, it promotes the long history and culture of Cyprus, showcases the intellectual and artistic expression of Cypriot and Greek writers, artists and scientists, systematically encourages the study of Cyprus in Greece and furthers the relations and exchanges among the intellectuals of Greece and Cyprus.
From its inception the House of Cyprus was a pioneer in the areas of cultural management and cultural diplomacy, hosting world-class events and exhibitions in collaboration with the DESTE Foundation and the Pieridis Foundation. It emerged as an active cultural hub with a wide range of intellectual and artistic quests, charting a consistent and outstanding path on the intellectual and cultural map of Athens.
It possesses the most extensive Cyrpological library in Greece, with 8,000 titles, rare and old editions, a remarkable collection of journals and an audiovisual and musical archive as invaluable sources of information, reference and research for scholars interested in the history and civilisation of Cyprus. It has also an important collection of works by Cypriot visual artists who have worked in Greece. The House of Cyprus undertook an important publishing effort, initially in 1998 and again in 2009-2011, with the Aipeia series, in collaboration at first with Parousia and then with the Papyros publishing house, on collective works and reference studies that contribute to a more profound acquaintance with the contemporary Cypriot culture.
It collaborates closely with various institutions in Cyprus, Greece and Europe to organise joint cultural and educational events aimed at promoting cultural diversity and an international cultural debate and collaboration within Europe.