Museum Alex Mylona

The Museum Alex Mylona–Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art opened in March, 2004 at 5 Aghion Assomaton St in the Thission area of Athens. The three levels host the works created by Alex Mylona (1920-2016) during her fifty-year career: sculptures in marble, copper, iron and bronze, drawings and paintings. The neoclassical building, designed in 1920 by the architect Vassilis Sagris, was bought by the sculptress herself in 1992 and restored specifically to house her oeuvre and function as an exhibition space.
In 2007 the museum was donated by the artist to the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art and has since operated under its auspices, governed by its own Board of Trustees. Under Denys Zacharopoulos as Art Director, the MAM has organised exhibitions for established as well as emerging Greek and international artists. In the last decade the Museum has taken part in major events through collaborations with numerous museums and cultural institutions in Greece and abroad.
The Museum’s activities include also educational programmes for secondary-education children and adults, as well as parallel events (theatre, music, lectures, etc.). A museum shop on the ground floor sells works by Alex Mylona and other artists, multiples, art publications, etc.