Theodoropoulos Angelos (1883 - 1965)

He was born in 1883 in Athens. He studied painting with G. Iakovidis and G. Roilos at the School of Arts (later, Athens School of Fine Arts), and printmaking with N. Ferbos (1900-1914). He first appeared in the art scene as an illustrator and cartoonist for magazines and newspapers (1905-1918). Later, he engaged in advertising and in 1919 he took on the artistic direction of the advertising company GEO, which created the first professional posters in Greece. Since 1920, he illustrated many books of known authors. He also collaborated with the magazine ‘Frangelio’ of N. Velmos and was involved in printmaking, woodcuts in particular. During this time he traveled to Europe (France and Germany), which explains the apparent influence of Parisian art and, more seldom, of German expressionism in his work.
His first solo exhibition was held in Athens (Stratigopoulou gallery, 1930), with 100 works of painting and printmaking (landscapes, nudes and still lifes). That same year, he played a leading part in the reestablishment of the art group ‘Techni’ and also claimed the position of head professor for the Athens School of Fine Arts Printmaking Dept. (which was eventually assigned to Y. Kefallinos).
In the beginning of the ‘40s he joined the resistance activities of the Greek National Liberation Front (E.A.M.) and created woodcuts inspired by the conditions of the German Occupation in the country. He was an enthusiastic contributor to the founding of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts (1945) and by 1950 he was also a member of the art group ‘Stathmi’.
His work is an important part of the history of Greek art, for his contribution to the establishment of printmaking as a separate artistic expression. Especially his woodcuts and engravings are distinguished for their exceptional quality and impeccable execution.
During his life he presented 6 solo exhibitions in Athens and participated in many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Among others, he represented Greece in the Venice Biennale (1938, along with K. Parthenis and M. Tombros), and in the 1st and 5th Alexandria Biennale (1955 and 1963). In 1960 he was awarded the title of Commander of the Order of the Phoenix.
After his death (Athens, 1965), there were two retrospective exhibitions of his work (Nees Morfes gallery, 1965, Athens National Art Gallery, 1983). In 2000, the Municipal Gallery of Athens presented a retrospective exhibition of both his painting and printmaking works and published an album with a full list of his prints.