Vassiloglou-Alevropoulou Marina (1945)

Born in Istanbul in 1945, she attended painting classes at the preparatory course of the Athens School of Fine Arts and the workshops of Panos Sarafianos and Aristotelis Vassilikiotis (1962-1965). She continued her studies at the Academie Goetz in Paris (1965-1967).
In her first solo exhibitions at the Nees Morfes Art Gallery (1968, 1970) she presented oil, tempera and ink paintings. From the outset she develops an abstract idiom which eschews the details to focus on the essence of the form. Her subjects are often landscapes or compositions with human figures. The warm and bright colours of her early works soon give way to cooler tones that exude a melancholy feeling. The seaside landscapes in hues of deep blue and green, with a pronounced horizon, dominate her paintings of the 1970s, together with a more pronounced relationship of figures with the space and in particular with the integration of the human figure into the landscape.
In the early ’80s she turns to compositions inspired by old photos, usually family scenes that exude nostalgia. Next she goes back to landscapes, which she renders in a vibrant. Lyrical way through austere and well-organised forms. Her more recent works are exclusively on solitary human figures, painted in an abstract manner yet with the expressive immediacy of aquarelle over a white backdrop.
She has had solo exhibitions in various Greek cities and has taken part in group shows and competitions in Greece and abroad. Her works can be found in the Komotini Gallery, the Telloglion Foundation in Thessaloniki, the Athenian Brewery, the Cultural & Art Center of Thrace, and in other public and private collections.