Katsadiotis Christophoros (1971)

Born in Athens in 1971, he attended the 4th Painting Workshop of ASFA under Michalis Manoussakis (2007-2009) and the Dept of Visual & Applied Arts of the School of Fine Arts of the University of Thessaloniki under Xenis Sachinis and Manolis Yannadakis (2009). He continued with printmaking at the “Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design” under Ch. Nowicki and Prz. Tyszkiewicz via the LLP-Erasmus programme (2011).
In his first solo show (Aigokeros, 1999) he presented the Wire Idols, choosing wire for its malleability to make human figures stationary or in motion, medium- or small-sized, seeming to be performing balance or posture exercises. After 2009 he turns to printmaking and specifically to etching. In his most recent works (Poetic Events; Zoumboulaki, 2017) he breaks down the ‘useless’ etchings he prints in his own press and uses their pieces to create new images and another, more complex visual expression.
He has worked as a professional journalist for magazines, radio and television. Since 2014 he reports on Parisian exhibitions in the Greek press.
He has presented his work in ten solo exhibitions in Greece and abroad and has participated in numerous group shows in Greece and other European countries as well as in China, the USA, etc. His participations include the 5th Biennale de L’Estampe de Saint-Maur-des Fosses, France (2011), the exhibition “Blue Rider” at the National Museum of Nis, Serbia (2012), the exhibition “JU QI CUP- 1st International Printmaking Biennale-Ex Libris EXPO”, Shanghai, China (2013), the 3rd International Printmaking Festival “Athens Print Fest” (2016), etc. His works can be found in private collections. His prints have been used by the publishing houses of Diatton, Mandragoras, Polytropon, Kedros and Bartsoulianos. In 2015, the Parisian theatres Eurydice, Zéro and Théâtre du Christal used his prints in their programmes and posters. He lives and works in Paris and Athens.