Klironomos Nikolas (1954)

Born in Athens in 1954, he studied at the ASFA on a Greek State scholarship, painting under P. Tetsis and stage design under V. Vassiliadis (1974-1980). He obtained also a degree in Harmony from the Hellenic Conservatory of Athens, where he studied under Yannis Spyropoulos. In 1981-1983 he went for postgraduate studies on an ASFA scholarship (Mika Skouze Bequest) at Berlin's Hochschule der Kunste under Hermann Bachmann. In 1985-1988 he obtained a three-year domestic Greek State scholarship for working in Greece, the outcome of which was exhibited in 1988 under the title Fragmentation (Athens Art Gallery).
His first solo exhibition, "West Berlin", was held in 1985 at the Athens Art Gallery and featured oil paintings and drawings of the city's typical social groups. The chromatic tensions in his work, with evident influences from German expressionism, are combined with poetic and surrealist elements. An obvious abstract streak appears early on in his painting, although for the most part the dominant element is the visual commentary of a recognisable reality.
Other milestones in his artistic creation are the series "Face" (Gallery 7, 1995), dominated by fragmentary, oversized images of faces on large wooden panels to make up a "landscape of faces"; "Day Seasons" (Epistrofi Gallery, 2000), on the cityscape as memory, feeling and experience based on the various chromatic scales during the time cycle of a day; "Kiosks at Night" (Ekfrassi - Gianna Grammatopoulou, 2003) on the theme of kiosks as beacons of light in the night time, as luminous havens for nocturnal travellers. Finally, in "Childhood… a journey" (Ekfrassi - Gianna Grammatopoulou, 2007) he makes a visual diary of the first 18 years in the life of composer Mikis Theodorakis, using large-scale works that feature texts and richly executed images.
He has also been active in stage, costume and lighting design for the theatre and the design of literary, educational and artistic publications. Since 1985 he teaches systematically in higher education, public educational institutions and private schools.
He has had over 25 solo exhibitions, and has participated in dozens of group shows in Greece and abroad. His works can be found in public and private collections, museums, galleries and foundations.