Angeli Io (1960)

Born in Mytilene in 1960, she studied architecture at the NTUA and then painting at the ASFA under Dimitris Mytaras, graduating with distinction (1981-1986). She continued with postgraduate studies on an ASFA scholarship at the Royal College of Art of London (1988-1990), and took a stage design course at the Slade-St. Martin’s School of Art & Design (1990-1991) on a Greek State scholarship.
Her early works feature human and animal figures, with the pronounced processing of colour disrupting the clearly representational rendering (Ora Gallery, 1988). She goes on to adopt an intensely abstract idiom, but in the mid-’90s she returns to representational painting to depict landscapes and later cities, striving to present her own view of how cities are formulated (Cities and Vantage Points, Kreonidis Gallery 1995; Beyond cities, Athens Art Gallery 2000). In the 2000s she turns to depicting interiors in which the individual iconographic elements reinforce the notion of privacy (Private Space; Athens Art Gallery 2000) and reveal their inhabitants’ desires, fears and obsessions (Home everywhere, Athens Art Gallery 2006). In recent works, female figures on urban outskirts or interior spaces engage in secret dialogue with the allegory of their story (Future Perfect, Athens Art Gallery 2009). Her latest creations deal with the question of boundaries, often invisible or subtle, which make up a new landscape formed by the web weaved by the concepts of “determining and delineating” (On Boundaries; Zoumboulaki Gallery 2015).
She has presented her work in 16 solo exhibitions and has participated in over one hundred group-thematic exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Her works can be found in public and private collections, museums and galleries in Greece and abroad.