Vlachaki Marilitsa (1961)

Born in Athens in 1961, she studied painting at the ASFA (1979-1987) under G. Mavroidis, Y. Moralis and D. Mytaras and graduated with distinction. She then obtained a domestic state scholarship for the period 1992-1994.
She presented her first solo exhibition in 1987 at the Eleni Koroneou Gallery, with early works dominated by the human figure in multiple contrasts: nude or dressed figures, aggressive or shy postures, references to the past or the present. In her 1992 show at the Ora Gallery the protagonists were male nudes, realistically rendered in interior (baths) or outdoor (sea, lake) settings. Her third solo exhibition (Art Space 24, 1993) featured seven works with egg tempera with which she attempted an artistic reading of the seven texts of Thodoris Gonis in his book Η πύλη της ξηράς [The Mainland Gate] (Gavriilidis, Athens 1993), with her earthy hues depicting a world of familiar paradox and conveying a feeling of life. In her subsequent series of works she goes back to the human figure, using it as a traveller through shaded paths of memory towards a quest, encounter and conciliation with his own essence, his body.
She has been active also as illustrator for book covers (Alki Zei, Achilles’ fiancée, Athens 1992; Th. Gonis, Η πύλη της ξηράς [The Mainland Gate], Athens 1993, Alki Zei, Νεανική Φωνή [Young Voice], Athens 1996, Alki Zei, Η Κωνσταντίνα και οι αράχνες της [Constantina and her spiders], Athens 2002, etc.) and worked as teacher of art in secondary education.
She has presented her work in solo exhibitions in Greece and has participated in dozens of group shows in various Greek cities as well as abroad. Her works can be found at the National Gallery the Gallery of the Greek Parliament, the Vorres Museum, the Kouvoutsakis Gallery and in several private collections.