Avgeros Yiorgos (1953)

Born in Chania, Crete in 1953, he received his first training in art at the G. Markoulakis Designers’ School under the painters V. Kelaidis and A. Petroulakis. The 1970s finds him in Athens, at the studios of Y. Vogiatzis and V. Korkovelos. In 1981 he goes to study in Paris but soon stops and returns to Chania in 1982 to settle permanently.
In 1985-1992 he engages in jewel-making, and in 1992 he presents his first solo exhibition at the Titanium Gallery, which includes his first sculptures-constructions using modern-technology materials. In 1995 he exhibits the Equilibrists (Titanium Gallery), anthropomorphic constructions with resistors, condensers, screws, coils, cables and computer chips combined with wood, Plexiglas and metal; they are engaged in a balancing exercise in space, where immobility and motion reflect a constant quest for redefinition and equilibrium. His next exhibition (Titanium Gallery, 1998) features seven life-size human figures made of industrial materials and surrounded by moving toys, and 24 figures on oxidised sheet metal.
During the 2000s he goes more into painting, albeit without abandoning the three-dimensional, constructional side of his work. The Images of the City (Zoumboulaki Gallery, 2002) are dominated by small human figures, red and blue, made of flat aluminium and taking up a minimal amount of space. In his more recent exhibitions his subjects turned more to natural landscapes, wall-mounted works of carved Plexiglas coloured with powder dyes, and paintings with colour or charcoal on transparencies set in layers to create a three-dimensional effect (Image and Illusion, Zoumboulaki Gallery 2014).
He has presented over ten solo exhibitions in Greek cities and has participated in dozens of group shows: Pireos St- Transformations of an Industrial Landscape (VIS Factory, 1998), Olympic Spirit & Contemporary Greek Art (State Museum of Contemporary Art, 2003), Landscape stories: from tradition to sustainability, (Roman Baths, Plaka, Athens & St Mark Basilica, Herakleion 2009), Give a Gift, Get a Gift (Elaiourgion Museum of Contemporary Art, Chania 2012), etc.