Chandris Pantelis (1963)

He was born in Athens in 1963. At first, he studied graphic arts and then painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1982-1987) under Dimitris Mytaras on scholarship. His first solo exhibition entitled Reconstructions-Alterations was presented in 1991 at Desmos-Doma Gallery (Athens).
His work is dominated by intricate juxtapositions of forms and concepts with symbolic or allegorical meaning. He uses a very wide variety of expressive media: three-dimensional constructions and installations in space with several materials, painting and high-precision drawings that stand alone, as well as sculpture, casts and videos. His compositions usually convey a dreamlike atmosphere suspended between reality and imagination, with fragmentary images in the role of connotations, alluding to the most enigmatic aspects of human existence. The literary and philosophical allusions, the use of speech and the poetic spatial transformations are some of the features that shape his unique artistic vocabulary.
In 1992 he won first prize of the Jannis and Zoe Spyropoulos Foundation and in 2010 he was awarded by AICA-Hellas for his work Ens Solum. He teaches at ASFA as a lecturer since 2007.
He has presented more than 10 solo exhibitions, mainly in Athens and Thessaloniki, and has participated in many group art events in Greece and abroad. His participation in the Biennale of Young Artists from the Mediterranean Region in 1987 (Barcelona) was essentially his first appearance in the art world, followed by participations in Germinations 6 (Aachen, 1991 - Budapest, 1992), Art Athina 3 (1995), Messaggeri degli Dei (Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome, 1996), etc. He participated in the Parallel Programme of the 2nd Thessaloniki Biennale in 2009 and the 3rd Athens Biennale in 2011.