Christea Mary (1949)

Born in Athens in 1949, she studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1967-1973) under N. Nikolaou and Y. Moralis, and continued at Berlin’s Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Kunste (1973-1975) under Raimund Girke. She also took classes in philosophy, history of art and literature, studied piano at the National Conservatoire and was taught acting, improvisation and kinesiology at the workshop of Tomi Theatre.
In 1987 she presented her first solo exhibition of paintings at the Athens Art Gallery. Her early work focuses on rendering the human body through foreshortening, strong chromatic contrasts and an expressionistic handling of materials. Light plays a key role in the austere and rigorously structured compositions, usually large and frequently with symbolic allusions and visible influences from antiquity, predominantly from archaic art.
Later she turned to three-dimensional works, constructions and installations in the context of conceptual art. Instead of abandoning painting and drawing she combines it with collage or mirrors and adds worn materials, readymade objects, plastic mesh, polyester, paper, metals, gold foil, light bulbs, photographs, video projections, etc. Her subjects remain anthropocentric, with a focus on the redefinition of female identity against the structures that determine it.
She has also worked as stage designer and book illustrator. Between 1990-1999 she taught freehand drawing at a private school. She is a member of the Indoors group since 2007, and Indoors Plus since 2010.
She has presented her work in solo exhibitions and participated in group shows in Greece and abroad, including "Video Brasil" (Sao Paulo, 2001) and “Silent Dialogues: Multimedia Portraits Throughout Time”, American College (Athens, 2008). Works of hers are in the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki, the American College of Greece and in private collections.