katsigiannis Dimitris (1960)

Born in Drama in 1960, he studied electrical engineering at the University of Thrace (1978-1983) and then painting at the ASFA (1983-1990) under D. Mytaras and T. Patraskidis. In 1992 he was awarded a Greek State scholarship for domestic postgraduate studies in "Painting from life".
In the early days he focused predominantly on portraits and the human figure — a favourite theme that keeps recurring in his artistic career. The images of people close to him or of his own reflection on mirrors or glass surfaces include also the landscape behind the subject or the objects inside the reflected room.
Landscape painting is his other major thematic cycle. The landscapes of Crete and India, between which he shares his time, are depicted in his aquarelles, often more than once as he keeps going back to the same work and the same landscape trying to pinpoint forms and colours under different aspects of light ("Approaching Lightness", 16 Fokionos Negri, 2017).
He has presented his work in solo exhibitions in Athens, Thessaloniki and Xanthi and has participated in dozens of group shows around Greece: "Contemporary Greek Painting. The Vlassis Frissiras Collection", (Neoria-Chania, 1993); "2,000 cans, painting, sculpture, multimedia” (Pireos St Lithography Studio, 2000); "Birthplace" (Benaki Museum, 2007), "Tracing Constantinople (Sismanoglion Hall & Halki School of Theology, Istanbul 2010; Technopolis, Athens 2010); "Painting ΙΙ: European Visual Affinities 1980-2000" (Frissiras Museum, 2013), etc.