Kassi Marigo (1953)

She was born in Athens in 1953. She studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts, painting under Y. Moralis (1972-1976) and ceramics under G. Georgiou (1975-1978). She spent a year in Paris on independent creative studies. Her first solo exhibition was held in Athens in 1982 (Ora gallery).
Her work includes paintings (oils, watercolors and drawings), constructions and installations. She uses a wide variety of materials (handmade paper, fabric, wood, wire, etc.), which she processes with handcrafting brilliance, creating objects that often allude to the female or children world. Sometimes her constructions are of a miniaturist nature, a fact that fosters the impression of a low-voice, confessional narrative, with many lyrical and dreamlike elements; other times her themes become somewhat harsh, almost adopting a critical dimension. Features such as drawing sensitivity, lyrical atmosphere, subtle symbolism and economical use of colour, characterize the largest part of her oeuvre, in which, however, she does not hesitate to incorporate media, such as photography, sound, light effects, etc.).
She has designed children's clothes, as a further step of her most popular line of work that included handmade paper miniature dresses.
She teaches at the Vakalo College of Art and Design since 1988. In 1989 she won a three-year Greek state scholarship (IKY) for postgraduate studies. She has also been involved in a visual arts training seminar for people with disabilities (Very Special Arts Hellas, 2001). Since 2007, she participates in Indoors actions, an artistic group of which she is a founding member.
She has presented her work in several solo exhibitions, mainly in Athens, and has participated in many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad (France, Germany, Holland, etc.).