Sachinis Nikos (1924 - 1989)

He was born in Thessaloniki in 1924, where he studied law at the Aristotle University. He was taught painting by Polycleitos Regos (1936-1944), and later, Roy Moyer and printmaker Georges Perret familiarized him with the use of modern materials.
His first solo exhibition was organized in Thessaloniki (Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce, 1950). Originally his painting was figurative (landscapes, still lifes, nudes, scenes of everyday life), but soon he began to experiment with different materials in collages, influenced by the modern art movements and mainly by abstract expressionism. By the beginning of the ‘60s he had fully embraced abstraction, following the advanced trends of that period in Greek art. His need to criticize the political situation during the years of the Greek military junta brought back some representational forms in his painting. Moreover, at the same time, he refused to participate in the Venice Biennale. Then he continued to experiment and to find inspiration in new stimuli, which came either from his everyday environment or from his contemporary international art scene. He occasionally employed pop art and neo-expressionistic elements, as well as elements of other art movements and trends, without fully affiliating with any of them. Through his continuous experimentation, he managed to create a personalized work, characterized by a diversity of techniques and media forms, such as integrating actual objects into artworks, imprinting drawings upon photosensitive surfaces, etc. The result of these combinations and juxtapositions is an even expressive effect, emphasizing on the role of colour.
He was awarded for his overall contribution to art for four consecutive years (1956-1960) by the City of Thessaloniki.
In 1970 he was elected professor of the Faculty of Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where he taught until his death as director of the visual arts school. He also taught in private drama and film schools and worked as a set and costume designer at the State Theatre of Northern Greece and other troupes.
He illustrated books, brochures and posters (50th anniversary of the incorporation of Thessaloniki into Greece - 1st poster prize, 1962). He was a National Radio Foundation (Ε.Ι.Ρ.) cultural commentator, a selection committee member at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival (1965, 1973) and president of the Northern Greece Visual Artists Association. His articles on art have been published in many newspapers and magazines.
He organized 15 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group ones, in Greece and abroad. He represented Greece at the Biennale of Alexandria in 1976. In 1985 he presented a retrospective exhibition at the Vafopoulio Cultural Centre in Thessaloniki. His overall work was showcased after his death (Thessaloniki, 1989) in two more retrospective exhibitions (Municipal Art Gallery of Thessaloniki & Art Gallery of the Society of Macedonian Studies, 1990, and Vafopoulio Cultural Centre, 2007).