Averoff Art Gallery

The Averoff Art Gallery operates in Metsovo (Ioannina) since 1988. It was founded by Evangelos Averoff in order to establish a Museum of Modern Greek 'Neo-Hellenic' Art. Originally, 200 artworks were collected with this goal in mind. Averoff erected a building of specific design and requirements to house the collection and he also provided the Evangelos Averoff-Tositsas Foundation with the necessary financial means, to ensure the Gallery's smooth operation in the future.
In 1994, the building was renovated to meet the quality standards of a modern museum. According to its founder's wishes, the collection increased significantly in number with works of younger artists in order to highlight the historical continuity of two centuries of greek art.
The permanent exhibition is indicative of the main thematic categories of modern Greek painting until today. Artworks of the respective periods are showcased in the room of prints and drawings, while exhibitions of more recent works are presented in turns in the room of contemporary artists. Periodic thematic exhibitions are also hosted with the collaboration of artists, museums and private collections both greek and foreign. During these exhibitions, relevant events such as conferences, workshops, concerts, tours etc. are also organized.
Educational programmes are fundamental to the Averoff Art Gallery and it often releases brochures, dvds and other information materials that enhance its educational role in the local community.